Oct 21, 2021 11:30 AM
Bill Armstrong: Steria Energy
Hydrogen Economy

With Gas Processing Management Inc. (GPMi) ceasing operation, three of its Principals decided to continue its tradition of providing high quality experiential consulting by forming Steria Energy Solutions ("Steria"). We have expanded our service offering with the addition of two additional Principals to include deeper backgrounds in Play – Resource Evaluations and Field/Plant Operations.

Generating Solutions for the Evolving Energy Business, Steria is a highly-experienced consulting group that focuses on adding value to our client’s Western Canada Energy Assets in the context of the North American and Global natural gas and natural gas liquids market places. We bring our independent and unbiased perspective, collective knowledge and experience, energy, and focus to add value for our clients.

Steria is a growing company and is 100% owned and controlled by active working Principals. Our team of Principals and Associates has extensive and varied industry experience and we advise clients on a wide range of issues and opportunities across the entire Energy Value Chain. Steria Principals have experience with a broad spectrum of clients ranging from small independent producers to large multinationals, as well as midstreamers, financial advisers, private equity institutions, law firms and Indigenous groups across North America with growing global exposure.

Bill has over 45 years of broad energy industry experience including: business management, oil and gas production and operations, project management, and asset evaluation and was a Senior Executive in the E&P and Midstream sectors. Mr. Armstrong has provided consult services for 12 years with a focus on FG&P, natural Gas and NGL Sales Systems and Power; he is also a Founding Board member for the Centre for Gas and Liquids Monetization.