March 24th 2020
My Fellow Rotarians,
I pray this finds all of you and yours healthy and managing as best as possible.
As most of you have likely anticipated, your Board has recently been informed that Stampede Park will remain closed for the month of April. Due to that news, I have suspended our weekly meetings through the month of April. I remain extremely hopeful that we will return to Rotary House for our May 7th regular meeting. I will continue to inform members as I and your Board receive additional information.
With that news, during these stressing times, we all need a reason to smile – I am suggesting we take a break in transmission from the global negativity and allow a little ray of positivity and happiness into your day.
With the world on lockdown and dealing with a global pandemic, the news is far from inspirational. It’s a very common feeling to feel overpowered and frightened by all the waves of the coronavirus (COVID-19) news at this moment.
Of course, we understand why this is, but there is a substantial need for some motivation to be positive even if it is in small quantities.
Regardless of the present conditions, people have chosen to benefit as much as possible by discovering prudent and safe approaches to remain engaged, instructed, and satisfied, both physically and intellectually. You may even find some ideas in this bulletin!!
While this coronavirus is around, the greatest healing therapy we have is friendship and love.
Think outside the box. Do things you’ve not done in a while. Here’s a thought - actually call and speak with a fellow member!!
Positive words and thoughts will point towards a light at the end of the tunnel for all of us in this current quarantine and confinement that has the majority of the world in lockdown.
Coronavirus will not last forever. Life itself is ahead.
If you go looking for negativity, or allow yourself to be in the presence of something or someone that upsets you, makes you anxious or gives you negative feelings, it stands to reason you will in turn be affected by that.
However, it does make you aware of your thoughts and allows you a chance to try and alter the negative ones that might be creeping in.
Any time we are faced with a stressful situation, or something that has made us worry, sit down and think about the last time you felt this way and how you survived!
Sometimes, we need to sit back and reflect on how far we have come and all that we have managed to deal with in our lives. It can be the wake-up call you need to remind yourself that you are strong enough to cope and to kickstart those positive thoughts again. We tend to be quick to forget how great we are at overcoming difficulties in our lives.
So, let’s all remember to breathe, wash our hands, wash our hands, wash our hands, and enjoy a glass of wine! This too shall pass!
President Chas