My Fellow Rotarians and Friends:
I hope everyone had a good week in spite of the weather. I am told that it will improve. How much remains to be seen.
Further, I pray all of you and your loved ones continue to avoid this invisible villain of COVID that has so rudely disrupted our lives.
Today I want to recognize and thank all of you for your efforts and patience with the changes to our Club meetings. While I remain hopeful that restrictions will be lifted sooner than the inane end of August mandate, my faith in the collective intellect of those in position to do it remains tenuous at best.
Kathyann Reginato, Lisa Fernandes, Jamie Moorhouse and Steve Mason, readily come to mind in that they have had a large hand in coordinating Zoom meetings we can all enjoy.
Thankyou also to Jim Fitzowich and his crew for the stickhandling of the booking of guests over this time period. Not an easy task but they have been infallible. Of course, I include the members who sponsor those speakers for their efforts to bring us interesting guests.
Johnny Fitz gets a big nod for initiating the launch of a special business meeting on Wednesdays. There is always a good discussion and veritable plethora of ideas that come out of those “Zoomcasts”
Lastly, it is you our membership and your continued interest and participation in these Zoom meetings I want to thank. Your patience with my gaffes has truly been “Job-like” and we maintain a healthy audience every week. I am cognizant it is not me you tune in for but rather the program and “checking up” on colleagues and friends - which is entirely appropriate and the right thing to do!
As you could see today, I got my hair cut. While out, I was pleased to see almost every store and venue open and people supporting them! I was even happy to be stuck in the middle of excess traffic! Means we are getting there! Can’t wait!
Enjoy your week!
Be well, all.
E. Chas. Filipski, Jr.